Golf is a game that requires a lot of strategy. You have to think about every shot that you hit before you hit it if you want to play your best. Many golfers simply don’t put enough thought into their game and then wonder why their scores are not where they want them to be.

Ready to start playing smarter golf? Try these two simple yet effective tips next time you head out to the course and you might be surprised with the results.

1. Know when to leave the driver in the bag. Maybe you’ve heard this tip before, but are you actually putting it to use? the key is to remember that the goal of hitting a drive is not to maximize your distance, but to put yourself in the best possible position for your next shot. By thinking about each drive in this way you will be able to make much better decisions, reduce the amount of costly mistakes you make, and set yourself up for success more often.

2. Play the game, not the swing. When you’re out on the driving range working on improving your swing focusing on mechanics is exactly what you want to be doing. The problem many golfers have is that they carry this focus over to the golf course where it doesn’t do them any good. The moment you step foot onto the tee box your focus should shift swing mechanics to playing the game. If you are hitting the ball great you can play the game in a certain way. If your swing is off and you are struggling to hit the ball well you will need to play the game a slightly different way. Trying to perfect or fix your swing while you are out on the course will usually only make things worse.

Remember that golf is a game, and just like any game the players who will get the best results and have the most fun are the ones who play it smart.

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